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In 2009 a group of dedicated MORE members had the novel idea of linking MORE’s natural surface trail systems together, creating an organized, supported, “epic” off-road bike ride that gives all net proceeds back to the local trails for investment.Six years later this notion has grown (exploded) into a today’s MoCo Epic®. The MoCo has become nationally recognized for creating a destination event out of the trail systems in your backyard. This concept of an “epic” ride gave birth to the inaugural year of the Patapsco EpicSM in 2014. The Patapsco Epic was a smashing success – attracting more riders than the MoCo in its inaugural year and with its legendary 200 miles of world-class trail and its army of dedicated volunteers, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015.

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MORE is one of the finest and most well respected mountain biking advocacy groups in the Eastern United States. MORE works with local area parks and land managers to continuously maintain and improve the trails and access to them in our area. In order to accomplish this task we rely heavily on the volunteer work and membership dollars our supporting members provide.

A paid membership to IMBA-MORE helps support some of the finest single track our area has to offer.

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A few snapshots from the NoVA Epic.

Credit: Ricky DeLeyos

Help MORE snag $3,000 for reaching 300 participants at the NoVA Epic!

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Register for the NoVA Epic before May 1st for a chance to win a cool $1,000 in gear at The Bike Lane!

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